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I have always looked for natural practices to support a healthy life. Now that I am a Mum to young children, I feel it is even more important to have a balance of life, health, mind and body. Having worked for 16 years as a Primary School Teacher, I needed a change of work life balance, particularly for myself and my young family.

In 2014 I suffered from a nasty bout of glandular fever, so started looking for ways to improve my lifestyle and optimise my health and immune system.  Since then, having children has made me more aware of how vital it is for a healthy start underpinned by healthy habits. Essential oils are a key part of  promoting a less-toxic more natural lifestyle in a busy society where convenience often drives our choices.


Mary Burgess EAA Cert (CCHH), aromaTouch Technique, Children's Yoga Teacher


I studied with the Centre of Excellence and achieved an 'Essential Oils Business Diploma', where I learnt about the process of extracting the oils, understanding and recognising the quality of oils, along with the Ancient history of essential oils. This sparked my interest and lead me to studying to become a qualified 'Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser', with the Cambridge College of Holistic Health (CCHH). I have always enjoyed working with people and this has complimented my skills and experiences as a teacher and adviser.


The future: I plan to further my knowledge in this area, and intend to utilise these skills to provide emotional support to children and young people.

Please ask me any questions about how the use of Essential Oils can benefit you. Essential Oils enhance our bodies' natural functions; they can lift a mood; calm the senses; and have been used throughout history in many cultures for health promoting properties.

My Qualifications

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