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Hi I am Mary

I wanted to share a little with you about my yoga story.

I first found Yoga on a holiday, in my late 20’s. After experiencing a couple of sessions whilst on holiday, I fell in love with the unique mind and body connection.

I then became pregnant and went to lots of mother and baby classes, but by far my favourite classes were the massage and the yoga. As a primary teacher of 20 years and now a mum to two wonderful Little Poppets, I felt that I wanted to give back my amazing experiences of massage and yoga to other mums and with my teaching background and love of children, training with Birthlight for Parent and baby massage and yoga seemed the perfect solution.

My Personal Aims

To create a nurturing comfortable space where massage and yoga can be developed through bonding as well as the actual movements. Classes are Baby led and are not about who can do what but about time and space with your little ones. The yoga I teach for baby and parent is not competitive but supportive to the body and mind connection allowing us to be mindful and in the moment when we step into these sessions.

  • Time to bond and build relationships and nurture and nourish the body and mind.
  • Stimulation of the Vestibular system
  • Calm and relax both baby and parent
  • Quality time


  • My Skills

    Qualified Birthlight teacher

  • Qualified Primary teacher

  • Qualified Children Do Yoga Teacher

Anyone can do yoga

come along and let me guide you and your little one for some quality time in a world where we constantly rush around.

How to Start your journey



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Invest in your preferred class



Enjoy the precious moments with your child

I always leave the session feeling happy, relaxed and stress free!

Attending baby yoga highlights the importance of finding time for yourself and looking after your body whilst also entertaining the little one. I always leave the session feeling happy, relaxed and stress free!


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