Essential Oil Party

While initially wanting to learn about essential oils only for mine and my own family's health and wellness, I quickly realised and could see the benefits of using them immediately.  I wished I had used essential oils sooner, but I was scared I would get it wrong. Does this sound familiar?


I wish someone had been able to show me how to use them earlier.

I have studied and I continue to study all about essential oils.


I want to help others understand how to use Essential oils safely and effectively. I wanted to provide opportunities for people to learn and feel comfortable, Serenity Essential oils was born!


As well as providing free online classes and one to one consultations, I can provide an essential oil party. It is a fun way to learn something new with people you feel comfortable with. The party can be bespoke to your needs, for instance, new group of mums, make and take play-dough for the children and a refreshing spray for mums. 

I am happy to discuss all options, and I look forward to helping you host a party soon.

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