My Favourite Oils



This is a fantastically versatile oil: I use lemon in the morning, taking two drops in water and this helps provide a refreshing and healthy boost for the day and cleanses as well.  It is also amazing for adding to cooking and making yummy cakes by adding flavour.Lemon has been used in my own cleaning products, adding it to water for surface cleaning.  As with all the citrus oils, lemon is very uplifting and can give you a positive boost!

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Wild Orange

As with lemon, this can be taken to help cleanse, lift your mood and heighten your senses.  It can be used in cleaning products. My favourite use to mix it with lavender for a bedtime application to my children's feet. It has such a wonderful, refreshing smell that I also diffuse it throughout the day.

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A minty, invigorating blend, enriched with a combination of oils to stimulate the body.  I love using this before exercise, it clears my airways and helps make breathing easier, providing a boost ready for the session.  It has helped make for clearer breathing - essential for when I have been full of cold.


I love the woody aroma, it makes you feel like you are at one with nature.  It is a soft smell that creates a feeling of contentment and grounding.  Applying to the pulse points has a grounding effect throughout the day, with a gentle, warming aroma .

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on guard
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Gentle and great for using with children; I pop lavender on my children’s feet before bed (diluted with coconut oil) and I diffuse it with a few other oils in the evening.  I have used it on skin irritations, such as bites and burns and it is amazing.  It has a beautiful smell and calms and reduces anxious feelings - a must have oil to carry in your handbag!

On Guard

This is a wonderful energising, spicy smell that reminds me of Christmas.  It is a great oil for protecting the family from illness, as it supports healthy immune function.  There is a large range of 'On Guard' products available, including surface cleaner, laundry detergent, soft-gels, beadlets and toothpaste.  I use it everyday for the whole family - a must have oil!

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