"Mary is very knowledgable and passionate about essential oils and how they can be used to benefit peoples health well being. She listened intuitively to how I was feeling and quickly formed a bigger picture of how my health could be improved with a multilayered approach using the oils. She suggested some wonderful blends to me from which I have seen benefits already. Mary is a true advocate for essential oils and her enthusiasm is infectious! Thank you 😊"


“Mary was very easy to talk to and professional in her approach. I appreciated her preparation and helpful insights into the questions I asked.” Mrs Cole


“I benefited from a world of essential oils bespoke to my needs emotionally and physically. I highly recommend Mary for helping me find a blend to aid restful sleep.” Shelley Barber

"I recently purchased the petal diffuser and Mary was great at recommending the right oils to get me started. Thoroughly recommend Mary's helpful insight into the products. Have tried 'motivate' blend which is excellent!"


"Fantastic quality oils. Just a few drops make the whole room smell wonderful! the 'Forgive' blend is great for relaxation, and Mary's advice is spot on. I will definitely be using these oils again and look forward to trying more of the blends."


"Fantastic service and advice. Explained symptoms and received a lovely sample kit with oils and information leaflets all beautifully packaged. Was given peppermint oil for headaches and where i'd normally reach for the paracetamol, I tired the peppermint oil and headache went. Very pleased would highly recommend."


"Always loved essential oils and was keen to see if they could help my daughter with exam stress. Mary was so helpful, explaining different options for oils available and different blends to try. Mary is clearly very knowledgeable about the oils and their benefits and passionate about sharing her knowledge to help others.

We agreed to try a blend and a sample arrived, neatly packaged and in time for the start of exams. Information leaflets were sent with the oils and Mary explained the best way to use them.

My daughter started using them straight away and so far so good, her levels of anxiety seem to be manageable.

I would definitely recommend Serenity Essential Oils especially if you need some advice and don't know where to start."


"Lovely oils! Friendly advice from Mary on how to use them topically as well as diffusing. Would definitely recommend."


"Absolutely love the quality of these oils."



"I received a lovely sample kit which included the peppermint and coconut oil. Mary suggested using this combination to treat my headaches which i have suffered with daily. It's safe to say i now very rarely suffer a headache with the quick application of these oils. No more painkillers needed!"


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