11/01/24 Mountain Class 2 – Baby Yoga 6 months + (5 weeks)

These classes are for moving babies, approx from 6 months  2 Years (18 months). We practice still positive touch combined with dry massage, a progression from Mountain class 1. We develop the gentle stretches and breathing exercises for parents from Mountain 1, and we integrate and extended the simple yoga moves from Mountain 1 and progress these and match level and age to the babies needs. We do this through song and by watching the baby cues.

Date: Thursday 11th January- 8th Feburuary 2024 5 weeks

Time: 10:30 - 11:30

Venue: Yoga Life Studio Camberley

Block of 5 sessions £52 (Early bird dicount avaiable if booked before 16th December 2023!)

Booking can be made at: Class for Kids

Pay as you go: £12 (a medical from needs to be filled in before your first session)

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