Private Group Bookings (5 weeks)

Please feel free to cotact me for Private bookings where I can come to your venue/home and deliver a 5-6 week bespoke baby massage or baby yoga set of sessions based on your needs.

The Nurturing baby massage class follows the Birthlight Training. Each week we introduce a new part of the baby massage techniques until by week 5 we have a full body massage that can be used with your baby at home. The classes are relaxed and fun and include a progression of massage techniques for parents to use with your little one and gentle exercises for parents and babies, with rhymes and songs.

Baby Yoga - We practice still positive touch combined with dry massage, a progression from Happy Baby. We develop gentle stretches and breathing exercises for parents and we integrate and extended simple yoga moves and progress these and match level and age to the babies needs. We do this through song and by watching the baby cues.

A block of sessions can be discussed

Time: To be discussed (between 9:30am-14:00 weekdays)

Venue: Your choosing

Cost: Instruction, travel and time will be discussed between £45-£60 for a series of sessons.

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