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Currently, as a new class, Young Yogis, Mindful Mums would like to offer more classes for each age group. If you know of a hall, community space that would be suitable to use for children's Yoga classes please do get in touch so we can check the feasibility.

Currently due to Covid-19, classes are not running. Please send me a Yoga Enquiry so when restrictions are lifted I can send out relevant class details.


If you would like more information or would like to enquire about children's yoga classes please get in touch.

Click to enquire about classes for your child



15-20 mins = (3-4 year olds) £4.50 per child per session

30 minutes = £5.50 per child per session (5-8yrs)

45 mins = £6.50 per child per session (8-12yrs)

1 hour = £7.50 per child per session

All fees are paid up front, with a booking form for a 6 week course.


Feedback from Classes


"My child instantly love Mary's classes, even after just the first one. The calm environment and simple flow of exercises worked brilliantly and his ability to listen and focus greatly improved."

Lucy Almandras (son 3 years old)


"Mary’s classes were a great introduction to yoga for my 4 year old - engaging classes pitched at the right level. Being naturally shy, I was amazed how quickly my daughter settled into her classes. Would definitely recommend!"

Mum of 4 year old


"Young Yogis was a perfect class for my just turned 3 year old. Mary strikes a perfect balance with the structure of her class containing both fun and relaxed activities. An added bonus is that the focus and concentration disciplines taught in class are becoming noticeable in home activities, which is just beautiful to  witness."

Jasmine Charles-Jones


"My daughter, age 4, loved Mary’s Young Yogis course. Each week she emerged energised and calm. The sessions were subtly different with new positions and activities such as scented play dough and mindful colouring. The sessions are run whilst the parents wait in another room. My daughter enjoyed this independence. Each week she was asking when the next session was. I could not recommend this course highly enough."

Mrs Johnson


 "I’ve struggled to find an activity that my 4 year old really commits herself to. This was the first yoga class that she has been signed up to and I have to say, she thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the first time I’ve seen her really apply herself with enthusiasm and absolute enjoyment. Every week she would look forward to her yoga class and would always come away feeling very excited and eager to practice what she had learnt. I would highly recommend."

Emily Chesterton

"My daughter really enjoyed her first introduction to Yoga through her classes with Mary. Mary created a very peaceful, interactive, safe space where the small group of children could really relax and enjoy being still and quiet. She included age-appropriate mindfulness activities such as playdough (infused with essential oils) and colouring which the children all loved. The classes have instilled in Lara an appreciation and enthusiasm for yoga that I hope she carries for the rest of her life!"

S. Lintott

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