The Beginning!

So where to start with a blog? To sum up…. I have wanted to start a blog for ages, but just have not found the time, (or understood how to do it!) so here is an introduction …. this is me!

I am a wife, a busy mummy of two, who recently changed careers and started my own business since having a second child. Now on a personal path to create a healthy lifestyle for my young family by thinking about mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, and helping to reduce toxins in the home for the benefits of my families health and well-being! This I want to share with others, hence Serenity Essential Oils, Yoga and Wellbeing was born (a few edits to get to the most recent businesses name!)

Throughout this blog, my aims are to unpack the why’s and the how’s more as the blog progresses, but for now, I am heading off to bed with three drops of a blend called Serenity in my diffuser, and this aids my sleep! Here are a few oils to aid sleep that are included in the blend; Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Roman Chamomile and Sandalwood essential oils to name a few. I use other oils to aid sleep within the household. Our bedtime routine;

For my youngest, a drop of Roman Camomile in his diffuser, sometimes with lavender, and I start the diffuser before bedtime routine begins. I also roll Roman Camomile and Wild Orange mixed in a carrier oil (10 ml roller bottle) onto his feet as well. My 4 year old has a drop of lavender and a drop of Juniper Berry (helps with bad dreams) in her diffuser. We roll Calmer, the children’s blend onto her feet and wrists and she takes three deep breaths (worth practicing for mindfullness as well). Always make sure you dilute oils for children.

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