Oily Travels!

Wow! How have we made it to March so quickly? It’s strange that it feels like that with everything that has happened this year, but here it is! And hopefully there is a more ‘normal’ lifestyle in sight!

I would like to offer some tips on using your oils when out and about – we have to be cautious when we are outside the home not to pick up anything that could make us poorly.

My first top tip is to carry a hand sanitiser – ‘On Guard’ sanitising mist is my preference. It’s not expensive, comes in a spray and our whole family uses it, even my 2 year old! It also smells much nicer and is kinder to hands. If you are not an OnGuard fan, then you can choose other oils or a selection with the same properties and make yourself a hand sanitiser, see my facebook page https://m.facebook.com/wellnessbymaryb and look in the videos section for your own hand sanitiser DIY recipe.

We also have a travel diffuser on in the car. It plugs into the USB port and fits into a cup holder slot, but it can also be used in your hotel room if plugged into a USB socket as well. Again ‘On Guard’ essential oil is our favourite to diffuse in the car, but as we have two small children we use the children’s blend ‘Stronger’ as well; but, you can use any oils that support the immune system, making sure that you have sufficient ventilation in the car, particularly for younger children when diffusing.

I love the Pilot travel diffuser and my top three oils for travelling: ‘On Guard’ to help protect the immune system, ‘Serenity’ to help promote restful sleep and ‘Breathe’ / ‘Air’ to support airways and the respiratory system.

I also carry a little keychain case that hooks onto may bag with 8 x 2 dram vials of useful oils such as Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Deep Blue to name a few. This I have pure and not diluted, ready to help if I need them!

Of course I use many other oils throughout the day but these are my top tips for travelling…even if just to the shops! Be safe.

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