Do you have Balance?

This is one of my most favourite blends that doTERRA produce.

Referred to as doTERRA’s grounding blend; it offers a tranquil aroma suggesting harmony to the mind and body, and balance to the emotions. It is a great oil to take a few deep breathes with if you are feeling a little out of sorts and feel overwhelmed. I like to put 20 drops of Balance, in a 10ml roller ball and top it up with fractionated coconut oil. This can then be applied to the bottoms of the feet in the morning, pulse points (wrists / neck) and can be reapplied often. I also love to diffuse a few drops of balance in my diffuser; it has a woody, fresh smell and helps me to feel calm. I like to pop it in my bedroom diffuser a few hours before bed to create a relaxed atmosphere – it is one of my everyday oils! I am a busy person and taking a few minutes to breathe in the aroma and calm my mind, helps me to approach my day in a more mindful way.

It is a gentle blend, but if using topically always dilute with a carrier oil to start, but I have used it with my two young children (under 5) and often pop it in the kitchen diffuser, a place where we spend a lot of time as a family. I feel it is like having the outdoors aroma of a forest inside the home!

I also use the balance deodorant that doTERRA have produced. It smells great all day and works extremely well for a natural deodorant. I have tested many brands as I am not keen with using aluminium in my deodorant due to the studies I have researched and the link with cancer, but myself my husband and my friends agree for a natural deodorant it does a great job.

It is my go to oil, its definitely one to try, and I could speak about it all day long!

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