An Adventure

So as I write this post, (and I haven’t been able to write on here for a few weeks sadly), my family are setting off on a new adventure! We are going to be living in the US for a couple of years! What an adventure. We are currently in between packing and sorting out the abundance of paper work that goes with a move…….we are almost ready to catch our flight!

Military personal are generally used to moving regularly, but this time is it quite different given the circumstances we find our world in at the moment. The weeks before are busy, but usually filled with many meals out, drinks and socialising, to say goodbye to friends and family. Social media has been great at keeping in touch with people, but like some of my friends and colleagues who teach yoga, it is not quite the same over a video call, you miss a little of the personal element. The children have also not been able to see friends, so it feels like we have left already, even though we have a few days to go.

I have been lucky in that some very good friends and colleagues have surprised me with the efforts they have made to see me before I leave under the rules of social distancing. I am very lucky to have these amazing people around me and will miss them, but again we have the wonders of video call, and I will still be helping them with knowledge of essential oils!

It will be a new experience, and hopefully one that brings the family closer together. I’ve managed to get most of my oils in my luggage, and kept mine and the children’s essentials for the flight. We will definitely be using Onguard to help our immune system, (Childrens version Stronger), and I will need my balance to keep me grounded as it is going to be a long day! I have the oils in 10 ml roller balls so I am able to take them through in hand luggage safely. I also have calmer (children version) and lavender to help relax and hopefully aid sleep. The Peppa Pig and George toys that turn into a pillow will hopefully aid the children’s sleep too!!

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