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As with most things, an idea starts and develops. Sometimes it develops quickly and other times is takes time, and sometimes it changes completely.

This business is still a fairly new venture for me, like so many other mums I meet on social media. They want to have more time for their children, but they need to earn an income. Starting a new business is not easy and still takes a lot of time, effort and money, but it is about relying on yourself and managing to put the effort in that you can.

After my first child, I continued with teaching (a successful 16 year career), which had been my dream career since I was a little girl. But even though I went down to part time hours, I still had the mum guilt of not having enough time to spend with my child, and I didn’t feel that I was only giving the job part time hours, I felt I was working more hours than if I had been full time. I lost all my seniority in job position and pay, however the most worrying thing that I noticed was the deterioration of the quality of my life; emotional state and health were far worse than when I had been on maternity leave with the challenges of learning to look after a new born!

By the time I was pregnant with my second child, I knew that things had to change. There are many reasons why I have chosen a wellness business, which will become apparent as this blog progresses, but the business is still evolving, as shown by my new logo (designed by www.castlecreative.co.uk/). Essential oils were to begin with, and are at the heart of the business, (will discuss more at a later stage), but the oils help to support in many of the holistic approaches I have qualified in and aim to qualify in the near future . Watch this space!

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