Kick start

So as you can probably see, I started the blog off with the intention of a regular slot, maybe once a week as a good start………

What happened you may say?!!! Well, as you may have seen in the previous blogs, we have relocated for a few years, and although I thought I would have more time to concentrate on a blog, what in fact happened is that I was extremely busy moving and learning about living in a new community and country and looking after my family with this huge change. Why didn’t I realise this!! Life often gets in the way of the things we want to do, and we have to be disciplined to make sure we fit the important things in that make us happy, as much as possible, without beating ourselves up if we don’t manage it.

I feel now after two months of being here, settling in and organising our home, (updating my diffusers for each room), I am finally ready and in a good routine to be able to pick things up again. Sometimes we are too harsh on ourselves, but I feel I’ve let a few things slip!

I’ve managed to keep our essential oils routine in place, and actually had time to make more natural cleaning products for the home (see fb and Instagram) to reduce the toxic load, something I have been wanting to do for ages!

I think I underestimated how much energy and time it takes to relocate, and put too much pressure on getting back to a routine quickly! But I am hoping to be back now and sharing my thoughts and ideas for health and wellness! And also getting back to exercise, which I have missed….enter the exercise bike for a hard work out coupled with my sessions of yoga! For me, I need routine, essential oils, good healthy natural food and exercise and always a good book to read…..and the odd glass of wine/gin…..well we need a little of the naughty and nice for our wellbeing too!!!

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