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Soooooooo… exciting news – the Members Page on my website is up and running!!!! Members can access the area and if they complete all the training they receive a free petal diffuser!

How are you holding up? This may be the start of a tough couple of months so please look after yourself and your loved ones.

Have you been helping your immune system, or have you noticed the symptoms of a cold? Make sure you diffuse Air/Breathe to help with congestion, and support the respiratory system. I also find it good to mix with a carrier oil and rub onto my chest for opening my airways. The Air/Breathe range includes boiled sweets and a vapour stick that you can pop onto your chest to help you breathe.  

Even if you do not have a cold, you can still use Air/Breathe to help with any exercise – It is a great blend, a fresh and invigorating aroma! Also if diffused overnight consistently, it can be known to help stop/reduce snoring!! 

Please also take a look at the emotional oils for this time of year, I know some people have entered lock down and with the nights becoming darker, you may generally feel a bit low. Citrus oils are great for a mood – boosting aroma, but there are other oils too such as Balance (grounding blend), The Emotional Aromatherapy Oils (a collection of 6 oils) and the New Adaptiv System (which helps manage the effects of stress and anxious feelings). I am a qualified EmotionalAromatherapist and I am happy to help with any questions or advice – these oils are here to support you so use them to support your general health and wellness.

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