Getting together through oils

The best way to use oils and experience their benefits, is to share how you use them with others. That way you can learn about how to use your oils in different ways for the different benefits with the differing experiences you can explore. Yes there are blogs and fb groups as well which are also great for knowledge, but hands on with real people (and I understand this is tricky at the moment), is such a wonderful way to share your passion. Knowledge is power, and there are so many different oils with multiple benefits that it is hard to know all of it!

Having moved to a different place and joining a local wives club, I took on the role of organising Oils club. The club meets once a month. This is a group of people who love oils, and we each bring our own oils and experience. We decide at the previous meeting what to make next month based on what we want to look at or indeed learn more about.

We took an idea from book club as well. Instead of reading a book a month, we would each research an oil a month and make a little reference card to feedback to our group next month. That way we make a little keyring with the go to information on a selection of oils and discuss what we have learnt. It is also a good way to look at oils you may not have thought of. We add to this each month and we are growing a good collection of uses for the oils we research. I will be sure to take a picture and add it to my facebook page!

I have thoroughly enjoyed planning these sessions, I initially took on the role as I was new to the area and I wanted to meet people and join in the community. I have found that as well as meeting wonderful people sharing the same passion of essential oils, we have made and learnt so much already from making hand-sanitzer, hand wash, spray cleaners, Christmas room sprays and roll on (all with Covid protocols). It has also encouraged me to get the essential oil cook books out and make dishes that I was thinking about but never got around too for each session!

I understand that with the constraints of covid, meeting in person can be difficult, but this idea of an essential oils club can be achieved through other online chat platforms with video. Things can be made and oils discussed whilst speaking in a group. I know many friends and family organised a quiz night once a week when lockdown was particularly strict. So it is something to think about.

Sharing any passion with a group of people who share the same love in itself is really rewarding and learning more to help your knowledge is a bonus of the process.

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