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I have just finished attending an online essential oils conference which has inspired me. I already use oils, and after being a customer first, then wanting to help others use oils, I feel I need to help others find information and understand why we need to know about our essential oils to make good choices about the ones we use, this is a huge grey area in the essential oils industry.

The problem with the essential oil industry is that something that is supposed to be pure and naturally good for you, is still seen by others as money making, taking away the belief and the effectiveness that the product they have is natural and healthy. Many people can have a nasty reaction to these essential oils that are not pure, and then their view of essential oils is tainted, all because someone wanted to make a fast buck! How and why do people sell pure essential oil that is not pure and get away with it? Let us answer that question in three parts.

Firstly, the process of gaining the ‘essence of the plant’ for the essential oil, is not always easy and it depends on the type of plant which method of extraction to use (3 types). This is a cost in the development of the oil, the equipment needed to extract the oil and the time it takes. Also factor in how much of the raw plant material you need to make one bottle of pure essential oil. Again it depends on the plant for instance you need thousands of rose petals to make pure rose essential oil, therefore this oil has a higher cost on production.

So then why tamper and make an oil that is not pure?….. Many sellers of oils who want to make money, do not want to pay the higher price from the farmers, so methods have been developed to add synthetic plant material which seems like the original plant but is in fact a copy. This is how you can find a £3 bottle of lavender oil. The bottle only has to have a small amount of the real plant to be called pure. There are tests you can do to see if an oil is pure but generally if you see a small cost, there is probably a lot other ingredients in the bottle than just the pure plant extract!

How do these sellers get away with it? There is no regulation for the essential oils market as they are natural products. What you must do when looking to buy oils, is to do your own research before you buy. This is what I decided to do. I had tried to use oils since I can remember but I felt I didn’t know how to use them properly. So I did an online course with a verified education certificate. I then knew what to look for in a pure oil. Cost would be higher but the amount of oil you would need to use would be smaller because of the purity and potency.

Look at ingredients on the label, everything should be listed. Check out the seller/companys reputation and the procedures they have in place to guarantee purity. Make sure you buy direct from the company producing as people can buy the products and then resale for cheaper on other internet sites and dilute. You cam make your own essential oils at home and I know of a few smaller business who make the oils themselves and sell them so they know they are pure. Agasin its about trust and testing!

A lot of grey areas in essential oils, and all you wanted to do was buy a bottle of lavender essential oil to help you relax and sleep!!! This is a huge problem within the oil industry and why this was recognised by the founders of doTERRA, and the reason after their own experiences in the essential oils industry individually, that they came together to make a new company to ‘Pursue whats Pure’, and nothing else is good enough.

I know that these oils are pure. There are so many levels of testing that doTERRA complete and there is a third party testing in place which you can look up online. I would always suggest you do your own research and people can point you in the direction to source information. Yes it is a big successful company growing at the same rate as Apple, but shouldn’t this be seen as a good thing because there are obvious reasons why a company grows so quickly, they must be doing something right, and myself, my family and many of my friends, are happier and healthier because of these pure oils.

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