Healthy Habits – small and smart!

So I feel January has flown by pretty fast, although I wonder if it is because I have a lot of family birthdays to consider in January! Did you make any news years resolutions this year and it got to February and you feel you have failed already!

Don’t dismay, I have joined a free doTERRA 21 day challenge, which is about making healthy habits and its as easy as adding one small thing to your already incorporated daily routine.

The challenge started on the 1st February and I am trying to share it with you on my facebook page as I complete it, but you can also follow it on the doTERRA US facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/doterra/). There is a free guide for the challenge which you can pick up on the facebook page. Most of the daily challenges are free (benefits of water, exercise, sleep etc), occasionally it will introduce you to some of the supplements and there are a few recipes as well for instance a ‘Simple Lemon salad dressing.’ 

The aim is for you to decide what healthy habits you would like to include in your normal routines so that they become normal habits for life, – brushing your teeth is an established habit so could you squat while you are brushing you teeth? Let me know how you get on, I will be trying to keep up the posting on my FB and instagram pages. Good luck, let’s get those healthy habits for life started so that 2021 can be a year of health and wellness.

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