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Blog - My Oily Diary

So here it is my Blog, 'My Oily Diary.'
I hope by writing snapshots of my thinking, I help to demonstrate how easy it is to fit essential oils into daily routines for health and wellness as well as many other practices for health and wellness.

Oily Travels!

By Mary Burgess | Mar 11, 2021

Wow! How have we made it to March so quickly? It’s strange that it feels like that with everything that has happened this year, but here it is! And hopefully there is a more ‘normal’ lifestyle in sight! I would like to offer some tips on using your oils when out and about – we …

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Do you have Balance?

By Mary Burgess | Mar 8, 2021

This is one of my most favourite blends that doTERRA produce. Referred to as doTERRA’s grounding blend; it offers a tranquil aroma suggesting harmony to the mind and body, and balance to the emotions. It is a great oil to take a few deep breathes with if you are feeling a little out of sorts …

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Immune Support -Beat the Weather!

By Mary Burgess | Feb 10, 2021

Soooooooo… exciting news – the Members Page on my website is up and running!!!! Members can access the area and if they complete all the training they receive a free petal diffuser! How are you holding up? This may be the start of a tough couple of months so please look after yourself and your …

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Healthy Habits – small and smart!

By Mary Burgess | Feb 7, 2021

So I feel January has flown by pretty fast, although I wonder if it is because I have a lot of family birthdays to consider in January! Did you make any news years resolutions this year and it got to February and you feel you have failed already! Don’t dismay, I have joined a free …

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Getting together through oils

By Mary Burgess | Nov 19, 2020

The best way to use oils and experience their benefits, is to share how you use them with others. That way you can learn about how to use your oils in different ways for the different benefits with the differing experiences you can explore. Yes there are blogs and fb groups as well which are …

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Pursue What is Pure

By Mary Burgess | Sep 20, 2020

I have just finished attending an online essential oils conference which has inspired me. I already use oils, and after being a customer first, then wanting to help others use oils, I feel I need to help others find information and understand why we need to know about our essential oils to make good choices …

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Down to Earth – Netflix

By Mary Burgess | Sep 9, 2020

Scrolling through Netflix, I am wanting something to watch. We’ve moved countries (more about that in later blogs), and as always, while scrolling through, I am interested in holistic approaches to health and wellness, and concerned about sustainability and I see Zac Efron, in a program called ‘Down to Earth’. It is about natural approaches …

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Kick start

By Mary Burgess | Sep 7, 2020

So as you can probably see, I started the blog off with the intention of a regular slot, maybe once a week as a good start……… What happened you may say?!!! Well, as you may have seen in the previous blogs, we have relocated for a few years, and although I thought I would have …

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An Adventure

By Mary Burgess | Jul 4, 2020

So as I write this post, (and I haven’t been able to write on here for a few weeks sadly), my family are setting off on a new adventure! We are going to be living in the US for a couple of years! What an adventure. We are currently in between packing and sorting out …

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